Charitable Unruggable Networking Token



Equal to

  • 777,776,946,448,358.835660383958345563 CUNT
  • $ 224,349,574,081

  • USD Value:

    $ 0.0002884497607

  • BNB Value:

    0.0000007200169 BNB

  • Marketcap:

    $ 239,796.77

CONTRACT ADDRESS – 0x5BF5a3C97DD86064A6B97432b04dDB5FfCf98331

What is Mooncunt?

MoonCunt is a decentralised controversial social experiment that supports womens charities. The project is entirely community based as the founding dev has burned all dev tokens and LP’s. 

We are already making history, by staging the worlds 

largest token burn, fighting social media censorship and supporting good causes.

Our goal is to generate as much awareness through fighting those that refuse to acknowledge the good work we are doing simply because of a word. 

Here are some key take-homes:

  • MoonCunt is a fully decentralised crypto token issued on the Binance Smart Chain
  • MoonCunt has permanently burned access to the Liquidity Pool tokens meaning there is no risk of rug, and all LP fees generated are burned making the token deflationary with every transaction.

The only unlocked LP’s are those created by community holders

MoonCunt devs burned all their tokens to a) create publicity with the largest token burn in history and b) so $CUNT holders know that it is impossible to rug.

  • MoonCunt will donate 10% of the token supply over 10 years to charities supporting women (buy $CUNT, to save a cunt)

What does CUNT stand for?

Charitable Unruggable Networking Token read all about it in our whitepaper here

Make history by purchasing MoonCunt and join the cause


  • Q2 2021

    Trillion Dollar Burn – Completed

    25% LP Burn – Completed

    75% LP Burn – Completed

    Dev Wallet Burn – Completed

    10 Year Vesting Contract Deployment – Before end of Q2

  • Q3 2021

    Democratic Vote for 1st Charitable Donation – July 2021

    First Charitable Donation – July 2021

    Democratic Vote for 2nd Charitable Donation – August 2021

    Second Charitable Donation -August 2021

    Democratic Vote for 3rd Charitable Donation – September 2021

    Third Charitable Donation – September 2021

  • Q4 2021

    Democratic Vote for 4th Charitable Donation – October 2021

    Forth Charitable Donation – October 2021

    Democratic Vote for 5th Charitable Donation – November 2021

    Fifth Charitable Donation -November 2021

    Democratic Vote for 6th Charitable Donation – December 2021

    Sixth Charitable Donation -December 2021

    Release of 2022 Roadmap

Q2 2021Q3 2021Q4 2021

How to buy Mooncunt

To buy Mooncunt, you first need to hold some BNB.

Sign up for a Binance account if you haven’t already and make a deposit. Exchange this balance for BNB.

The next step is to add the Google Chrome extension, Metamask to your browser.

To connect to the Binance Smart Chain network using Metamask, you need to change a few settings. 

Open Metamask and click the coloured circle in the top-right of the window and select “Settings”. Scroll down to “Networks” and click “Add network”.

Next, input the following data into the fields provided:

  • Network Name: BSC Mainnet
  • New RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 56
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL:

Click “Save” and you’re good to go.

Click the account name at the top of your Metamask window to copy your wallet address to your computer’s clipboard.

You can then send your BNB from Binance to this address. Please ensure you send the funds using BEP20 and NOT BEP2.

Find Mooncunt on Pancakeswap by going to This Link.

Connect your Metamask wallet to Pancakeswap using the link at the top-right of the page.

Next, revert Pancakeswap back to version 1 using the “V1 (Old)” link at the bottom of the page as shown in this screenshot…

Next, select BNB as your “From” token. Then click “Select a Currency” in the “To” field and paste in the Mooncunt address which is as follows:


Click “Max” next to the BNB value in the “From” field and click “Approve”